Here are some links to other artists and supplies that I hope you will enjoy or find useful.


Ann Sanders
A wonderful pastel artist but an even better wife and friend. You can find her work at
Rick Schloss
Nicole Strasburg
Randy Sexton
Richard McKinley


SourceTek Panels
An excellent source of canvas panels on sturdy Baltic birch plywood with extremely reliable and fast deliveries.  They also sell a variety of other products.  (800) 587-5462
New Traditions Art Panels
Offers helpful advice and good prices in choosing among variously primed canvases on lightweight gatorboard foam panels.  (801) 732-0208
Carries well-designed, durable and lightweight panel carriers as well as good quality panels.  (888) 809-3314
Soltek Easels
High quality, well designed professional easels worth the higher cost; somewhat vulnerable to dust and sand but with a good repair and service department.  (877)765-8356
Franken Frames
Owner and staff provide friendly and personalized help with expeditious deliveries.  (800) 322-5899
Open Box M 
This small company makes a high quality, light weight, well designed travelling palette.  They provide personalized service and dependable products made in the USA.  (307) 587-0420